Tuesday, 16 May 2017

And for the next project.......

firstly sorry still no pictures, just cannot figure out how to do it. I follow the instructions but cannot get to my album. One day maybe.
Meanwhile I started a new venture this last week. I have my first ever knitted sock underway! I have never knitted on a circular needle before and it took a bit of getting used to. I found a great facebook group that has been so helpful! Lots of newbie questions. I am really enjoying knitting the sock. A little concerned about turning the heel but know where to go for help. The other tricky bit will be knitting the second sock to match. There is a natural stripe in the wool I am using and I bought two balls so I can do one sock from each hoping it matches! There are some wonderful colours out there and I am longing to have hand knitted socks! No more cheap socks made by three year olds in China! It might be that I start a trend in unmatched socks!
I have also started another of Lucy's blankets. This is a ripple pattern and the colour way is called seaspray! Another beautiful combination of colours, blues, greens and silver. Him indoors just raises his eyes heavenwards! So I am now dividing my time between sock knitting and crochet. A happy place to be!
This afternoon we are off to spend time with a lovely French lady who helps us English with all things official! To fill in our tax forms. Normally him indoors does them but we have the complication of having sold our English house. It is too easy when dealing with a foreign language to do something wrong. We manage most of the paperwork but feel happier handing this one over!
Early summer is here with the days now much warmer. We no longer need the wood burner in the evenings and it is light until nearly ten pm. I love the softness of this time of year. Beginning to think of getting the shorts out!
We have an egg mountain just now! The chickens are doing well. We are not raising any chicks this year as need to reduce the number. We currently have eleven girls and four boys! The ducks are not doing so well as we have lost most of the girls this year and are left with various breeds of boys. Again I am not doing anything about this as need to restart with a small group. My pair of geese have failed to sit again but that is fine too. We are never going to eat any of the birds, they are here because I enjoy having them around.
The bees are doing well. The swarm I caught are happily settled in the new hive. The two hives are side by side  but the bees go to the right one. Even though the swarm came from hive one! Amazing little creatures. When I last checked the honey was not capped off so am leaving it a few more weeks.
The Elders are just coming into flower so I have stocked up on lemons to make the cordial. I need to make more as it did not last all year.
The Raspberries look like giving a bumper crop as do the blackcurrant. Hoping for lots of fruit for jam and bottling. It will be a busy Autumn!


  1. I'm not much of a knitter but I do remember learning to turn the heel of a sock. It was very tricky and I think it was unravelled several times before I got it right, so....good luck!

  2. That is the joy of the Internet! I am doing a sockalong following a blog that gives full instructions! Will report how it goes.

  3. You are so busy. Do you have any "down" time that doesn't involve a project; reading, for instance? I think that if I couldn't pick up a novel occasionally and escape into a good story (well, more than occasionally for me), I would have a hard time existing!!

  4. Yes Beth I do read. Usually first thing with my breakfast! Also I often have a half hour when I go to bed but cannot read for long as I tend to fall asleep very quickly!

  5. Me,too! I read in bed, lying on my side, but I often fall asleep after a few pages. If I am in pain, it takes me longer to relax, so I'll read in bed for a half hour or so. (I also read in the bathroom!!)