Tuesday, 18 April 2017

In the garden πŸ’£

One of the problems with going organic is weeds! Hence the bomb in my title! I have five raised beds in my potager garden and now have three under control! I am still raking them over daily to remove hidden weeds but feel I am winning. Tomorrow I will dig in the well rotted horse muck I have been given and then the planting can begin.
Today I have planted up my strawberry pot so now have five strawberry plants in situ. They all have some flowers so I was keen to get them out for the bees to do their job. My potatoes and red onions are in and seem to be going well. The blackcurrant cuttings I was given have all taken and have leaves and blossoms already.
I have butternut squash, courgettes, cabbage, cucumbers, peas, runner beans and tomatoes to go out. I hope for good crops this year. For the peas and beans I will make a wire fence that they can climb up. This will be easier to remove in the Autumn and can be reused next year. It is an idea I saw on the internet and have decided to adopt. I will have to stake the tomatoes as they grow to give them support. The squash I plan to put in the tractor tyre planter I have created. This will contain them and enable them to hang over the sides so they will be safe from insects! The courgettes will fill a bed! I use lots of these for chutney and now my daughter lives here have to make enough for two households! Our long term plan is to fit out a barn with shelving and put a chest freezer in. This will become our store.  When all the produce comes in I have so many jars of jams, chutneys and bottled things I cannot get them all in the pantry! The freezer will be good for fruit and veg.
I have today finally sorted out the water butt. It has been leaning! Due to a severe lack of rain it was empty enough for me to move. I have dug out the ground under the stand so it now sits straight! It has been annoying me for a while! I would like to increase the water butts, putting guttering on the chicken barn that feeds into a butt and the same on our shed which is up by the veg patch. It is hard work lugging up water daily.
I have planted my new rambling rose against a barn near the bee hives. I would like it to turn the corner around the hives. Another long term project.
I have treated myself to a new book! I know it is all on the web but I rather like to curl up with a book too. This is the one acre garden. I have the Seymour self sufficiency book that is well thumbed but that deals with a minimum of five acres. I only have one. It is made easier as I will not be needing meat. My birds are not for eating! Maybe one day this will have to change but for now I cannot think of eating them! I want more ideas for becoming self sufficient in fruit and veg! I like to have plans laid out.
It has taken a long time but I now feel like I am winning with my productive garden.

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  1. Your harvest should be bountiful. Happy growing!