Sunday, 18 June 2017

When worlds collide 🌻🌾🏎

this was a special weekend for me!
Most of my days are spent quietly making things and growing things, tending to my animals and learning to be self sufficient. Just occasionally my other self comes to the fore.
This weekend was the 24hour race at Le Mans. On Friday we went to the classic British welcome at a town near Le Mans. Hundreds of amazing cars arrive and park around the leisure area. Each year a different car is featured and has pride of place in the exhibition centre. This year it was Marcos, quite a rare car. Loads of Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette, and other sports cars. There are English, French, German, Dutch and American. Many people come to view the cars.
Later that day we drove down to the circuit in Le Mans to meet up with a friend who is part of the Corvette pit crew. He gave us a pit tour which was fantastic. We then had a lovely drive home through the French countryside.

On Saturday we drove back down to Le Mans to see the start of the race. Home again for the night and back down again today to see the finish.

I absolutely love this weekend! It does not fit at all with my green side but the atmosphere, the noise of the cars, the car fanatics and the friends we meet up with each year is amazing.
Each evening I have come home and picked the ripe raspberries for that day, watered the veg and pottered about! It has been lovely to come home to the peace. I do know how fortunate I am.
Lost another chicken this week. I have left them locked in whilst I have been out. It makes me sad to lose birds. This year I have lost four chickens and four ducks to the fox. I know it is part of nature but I cannot accept it. It is my choice to free range them and I know it is a risk!

Tomorrow life returns to normal


  1. What a fun weekend! You are lucky to be so near the race to be able to go home each night - or did you deliberately buy in the area. Sorry about your chicken`s demise.

  2. Yes it was why we bought here. We have been fans of the race for years!

  3. I have a friend here whose son and daughter-in-law went to Europe for their honeymoon. The new bride bought her husband a special Le Mans package as a surprise. He's a major car enthusiast. They loved being there.

  4. There are always lots of Americans there Beth. Some bring their cars over with them!